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Welcome to Yat Sang Chinese Supermarket

Yat Sang Chinese Supermarket sells products imported from Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Korean, Japan, etc.

We sell lots of different products, such as White Rabbit sweets and bowties, china (eg. rice bowls, tea pots, tea cups, spoons, china sets, etc.), sauces such as soy sauce, sesame oil and rice wine for cooking etc., tools and ingredients for making sushi, rice, noodles and much more...

If you are vegetarian and/or allergic to wheat, then you should come and visit us! We sell vegetarian foods such as fresh Chinese vegetables, bean sprouts, bean curd (tofu), vegetarian chicken, vegetarian ham, vegetarian prawns, wheat-free products such as sauce, rice noodles, rice macaroni, rice vermicelli, rice crackers and much more.......

We also have a special tea mug that includes tea mug lid and tea leaf strainer, specially for loose tea.

We have many different kinds of teas, eg. slimming tea, black tea, ginger tea, green tea, lemon tea, red date tea, herbal tea, etc.

We have many different kinds of Chinese and Japanese lanterns and flashing lights.

Wholesale is welcome.

Come and visit us now !!!